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Do you want success in your marketplace and steady growth in your revenues? Do you have a great product or service but not enough people understand its value? Are you confused and frustrated by your marketing?  Imagine having a marketing strategy with proven results.

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A Clear

Brand Identity Can Provide:

More New Customers

Capture, nurture and convert more leads into new customers.

Stand Out

Offer a world class experience for your customers to generate even more business for you.


Create a clear message to use in all your marketing materials.

Drip Campaign

A basic email sequence set to convert more leads.

Simple Pricing

Invest in Yourself

Basic Branding

  • 60-minute brain storming meeting
  • Clear and complete message to use in all marketing materials
  • Powerful One-liner/elevator pitch

Basic Plus

  • Includes everything in Basic Branding
  • One additional 60-minute meeting
  • Homepage wireframe and messaging
  • Lead Magnet

Full Package

  • Includes everything in Basic Plus
  • Additional four web pages of wireframe and messaging
  • Email sequence containing five seperate emails
Schedule a call

I learn a little about your business, goals and expectations.  You get to know a more about me and get your questions answered.  If we both believe this is a good fit and I feel that my services will result in a 5x or greater return on your investment we will move forward.  All at no cost to you.

The Journey Begins

We will schedule a 60-90 minute Brainstorming Meeting where I will dig deep into your business, target market and other information necessary to craft a quality marketing message.  Your complete, clarified, marketing message will be ready to use in two weeks or less.  Lead magnets and email sequences will be delivered in another two weeks.

Start Generating Leads

Use your clarified marketing message in all aspects of your marketing.  With a clear message that’s easy to remember, not only will you generate more leads, the leads coming in will convert at a higher rate than ever before.

Together We Can

Move Your Business Forward

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